Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain YHW27 User Instruction

best 2-in-1 Set : Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain And Dog Bowl

Before we start: Care instructions

To keep providing fresh, clean water for your pet, remember these three simple tasks:

  • Refill often

Keep the water level up. The pump is designed to work in at least one inch of water. The pump can fail if it runs dry.

  • Clean your pump and your fountain

Take your pump and fountain apart to clean with soap and water every two to four weeks. Be careful not to get soap in the filters, as it will not rinse out. The plastic filter housing, stainless bowl, and stainless tower are dishwasher safe.

  • Replace your filters

Replace the carbon filter every four weeks when you clean your fountain. Replace the foam filter every two months.

What you have

pet water fountain package list

Setup instructions

1.Install the foam filter and the pump

  1. Rinse charcoal filter running water help remove any excess charcoal dust.
  2. Assemble the filter holder on pump, place the charcoal filter the side of the filter holder. Place foam filter surrounds the pump and the charcoal filter.
Install the foam filter and the pump

2.Install the filter and pump in the bowl

  1. Insert the pump into the foam filter and set both down into the square inside the bowl. Press down so the suction cups attach.
  2. Feed the cord down into the tube and out between the feet on the bowl’s base.
Install the filter and pump in the bowl

3.Install the rubber cap and the tower

  1. Insert the silicone cap and fold its top edge down over the top of the tube. This holds the cord in place and prevents leaks.
  2. Set the tower down over the filter housing and press down on the silicone gasket to form a seal. Connect the power adaptor.
Install the rubber cap and the tower

Use instructions

pet water fountain use instructions

Place the fountain where your pet will use it. Fill the bowl with water, leaving a half inch of space between the water and the rim. Make sure your hands, the cord and the power adaptor are dry, then plug the fountain into an outlet.

To extend product life,Please clean the pump every 2 weeks

  1. Remove the Pump Cover.
  2. Remove the Impeller cap by placing your fingernail underneath the small lip located.
  3. Remove the Impeller and clean the parts with soap and warm water.
Remove the Impeller cap


  1. Be sure to shut down and disconnect the power supply for safety when the equipment is not in use.
  2. This product is for indoor use only.
  3. The power adapter and wire plug must not be flooded during cleaning.
  4. This product is not allowed to run without water (can be ignored for models with the function of outage automatically without water).
  5. Please disconnect the power supply before maintaining and cleaning the machine.
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