Hot Sale Pet Cat Fun Feeding Tumbler Toy Kitten Shaking Leakage Food Ball Container Interactive Training Toys

  • HIGHLY INTERACTIVE Interactive Cat Toys Two balls that spin around the track + funny cat stick, attract the cat to scratch and play, the structure design of the tumbler can be swing left and right on the ground without consuming batteries.
  • SAFE & DURABLE  The upper and lower parts of the tumbler toy are made of PP, environmentally friendly and easy to clean,The maximum diameter of the food dispensing hole can be adjusted to 2cm, the added food should be smaller than this diameter, or the food can be cut a little smaller then put it in. Note : Please put dry granulated food instead of sticky food.
  • ADJUSTABLE FOOD DISPENSING Different from other cat treat toys in the market, our cat slow feeder ball can be adjusted the size of two food dispensing holes based on needs to control how fast your pet eats,and extend the playing time
  • AUTONOMOUS FUN TRAINING   Eating while playing, the unique feeding function allows the cat to get snacks by nudge, Increase cat’s interest which will encourage the cat to continue chasing so that the cat can exercise and keep health.
  • TUMBLER DESIGN It is a funny dog forging toy, it can let the cat see, smell, hear it and found the treats inside the toy. It can arise the interest and the appetites of the cats!
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